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Established in 1998, SVEDKA reinvented the vodka category by being the first brand to let consumers have it all — a high quality, premium Swedish import with a stylish and fun brand image at an affordable price. SVEDKA, made from Swedish winter wheat and distilled five times is also available in Orange Cream Pop, Colada, Strawberry Colada, Citron, Clementine, Raspberry, Cherry and Vanilla. Our award-winning marketing continues to fuel our record momentum, IMPACT magazine listed SVEDKA as the 3rd fastest-growing and 7th largest Spirits brand in the U.S. SVEDKA has won numerous category awards and accolades, including Impact’s “Blue Chip” Brand Award (2012), the Fast Track Award at Beverage Information Group’s 2011 and 2010 Growth Brand Awards as well as Impact’s “Hot Brand” award in 2012. To learn more, click here.

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SVEDKA Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • SVEDKA Vodka is the 2nd largest Imported vodka brand in the United States (Impact, January 2015)
  • SVEDKA Vodka is the #7 Spirit Brand in the United States (Impact, January 2015)
  • SVEDKA offers the perfect mix of Cool and Edgy Imagery, Premium Quality and Competitive Pricing

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Produced in the rich farmland of Southern Sweden, the crisp, distinctive taste profile in every bottle of SVEDKA Vodka begins with locally grown, hearty and flavorful winter wheat and crystalline water. Progressive and innovative from its roots, SVEDKA delivers excitement to the vodka category by offering truly unique flavors in striking packaging.

SVEDKA All Natural Flavors

SVEDKA All Natural Flavors

  • SVEDKA Citron - Made with all-natural flavors of fresh California lemons and Mexican limes.
  • SVEDKA Clementine - Made with all-natural flavors of orange citrus.
  • SVEDKA Raspberry - Made with all-natural raspberry flavors, gently concentrated to preserve the delicate and juicy top notes.
  • SVEDKA Vanilla - Made with all-natural vanilla flavors.
  • SVEDKA Cherry - Made with all-natural flavors of Montmorency cherries.
  • SVEDKA Colada - Refreshing blend of coconut flavored vodka with creamy Indonesian coconuts, sweet and tart pineapple, with a hint of mango.
  • SVEDKA Strawberry Colada - A delicious blend of coconut-flavored vodka with aromas of strawberry, pineapple and tropical fruit.
  • SVEDKA Orange Cream Pop - An indulgent and vibrant blend of zesty orange notes and the delicious scent of creamy vanilla.
  • SVEDKA Mango Pineapple - A tropical blend of ripe Filipino mango and juicy pineapple flavors.
  • SVEDKA Strawberry Lemonade - A bright blend of lemonade with sweet wild strawberry flavors
  • SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeño - A lively blend of grapefruit and bright jalapeño flavors

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